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We back and support visionary entrepreneurs building the future with blockchain technologies


“Success lies in a calculated scale-up plan sharply executed”

True Block Capital

Our approach

We invest early

We invest in pre-seed / private rounds (Tokens & Equity), passionate founders, capital-efficient businesses that aspire to lead their markets – and have the expertise to get there. Our heritage in Blockchain, SaaS and B2B technology gives our team insights into an industry that’s likely to see exponential growth.

We focus on blockchain

We invest in Blockchain companies that develop proprietary software solutions worldwide. We believe there are key elements to the software business model that can create a differentiated, scalable, and highly profitable business.

We do not invest in NFTs Assets, Leveraged financial instruments...but in NFT & Financial technologies.

We support entrepreneurs

We recognize that startups are almost always resource-constrained.  We bring the network, expertise and resources you need to make it happen. As a team of operators who have founded multiple startups and grown them, we’ve lived in your shoes and faced many of the same challenges that you are experiencing 

Grow with a shared vision and strategic insights

We are looking for hard-working, ambitious founders who want to change the game with proven products and technology that users can't live without. 

When we invest in a company, we’re also committing to a vision for the future that’s shared with founders and their management teams.


We tailor our strategic and operational support to each our founder’s ambitions and company


The team

Our founding partners and team consist of serial tech entrepreneurs with Capital markets experience combined with extensive blockchain and cryptocurrency experience.

Thierry Pepin


More than 20 years of entrepreneurship, M&A, private placements and investment activities in technology.


Ben T ran


Entrepreneur with over 20 years of experience in various disruptive technologies. 



Austin Kimm

COO at

“There are hundreds of potential companies that offer to help you grow your business, so the key is to really know the team. has known Ben, Thierry as well as many of their colleagues for several years and we believe in them and the vision of True Block Capital.”

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